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20 Pursuing Spirits: What happens when a sorcerer summons a spiritual hit on someone.
Gelatinous Tesseract: A 4D ooze slowing creeping into our universe
Hyperbolic Heightener: A 100ft-high melancholic conjoined-twin giraffe that sighs to make things stretch.
Leviathan and Behemoth: Monstrous Titans of State and Civil War. Hobbes-ian horror-dungeons.
Mind Flayer: A metagame effect that summons a man, whose touch banishes minds to featureless prisons for hundreds of years.
Parachromatic Photophant: A noble creature that never forgets forgotten colors and wears a cloak that radiates them like the Sun.
Reincarnasaur: A T-Rex that eats people and vomits out reincarnated versions.
"Were"-Wolves: Wolves that were. They exist only in archetypal Jungian forms.

The Deadwind Archipelago

Deadwind: An island where, by divine compact with the goddess Liberty, the government must change every 3 days.

Tornado Island: The tentpole island for the Archipelago. An island with constant tornadoes, petrifying monsters, an invisible blind cyclops, and The Last Slaad.

Tornado Island Hexcrawl: For the above location, I made a thing you can actually use!

Deke's Isle: A sandbar with a salty old man with always exactly one interesting thing to trade.
Exile Lagoon: Where exiles from across the world mysteriously appear.
Isle of Paint: Where four mixable paints bubble up from the ground that have different fantastical properties when wet or dry.
Island of Spears: Where it literally rains halberds, and giant polearm critters live their most metal existence.
Stonelaw Island: Where all are compelled to obey laws written on an obelisk. Someone else got here first.
Shadowed Monastery: Silent monks strive to become shadows, and a Shadow-Beast that has come to prey on them.
Neverage Isle: Where nothing ever ages. An ancient apex predator stalks its broken forests.
Fate Eater Isle: One may slice or burn away their past, their identity, or their future.
Mansion on the Waves: An illusory mansion on the water's surface, holding some dangers and secrets.
Isle of 1000 Masks: Identity-less clerics of Tiamat peddle Masks of Power.
Isle of Time Reversion: Where time flows backwards, and you have a backwards adventure!
Unter Ooze: A secret campaign-altering Ooze masquerades as life on the island. It will try and escape using visitors.

The Goldsoul Mines

Introduction: A creation myth, then the actual introduction. Also an Inkscape template for Veins of the Earth cave generation.

Domain of the Old Army: Part 1 of the Goldsoul Mines dungeon.
Metamorphic Spider Lair: TBD
The Deep Lake: TBD

The Infinity Hotel

Introduction: A Hotel with an infinite number of rooms, all of them filled, yet always with room for more.

Alpha-Technomancers: Cyborgs who built a God, and the paradoxes they carry with them.
Practitioners of Paronym: Wizards with the power to change spells by altering the spell names.
The Discomancers: Nihilistic dancers who've decided their purpose is to DANCE!
The Hydramancers: Dumbasses who practice hydra-duplication magic.
The Hypermath Cult: Drugs using math weirdos with the powers of logarithms.

Play Report: The First Four Sessions


Orcs: An Orc reskin. They grow out of the earth and reproduce by combat.
Devils: My rehash of Devils. Extraplanar imperialists bent on forming the perfect meritocracy.
Dragonborn: Those who eat the hearts of dragons bear children with destinies.

Essays and Musings

Dealing with Low Lethality: In which I self-flagellate a bit before talking about how I handle a low-lethality campaign.
Why I Chose the OSR: Basically my Life Story with regards to RPGs, and why the OSR is a community that I choose to participate in.
Alternative Alignment Schemes: I attempt a broad definition for Alignment and then talk about a few out-there Alignment systems.

Things Based on Others' Work

After The Dragon Hole: (Arnold K., Goblinpunch) A protocol for what happens after you clear The Dragon Hole dungeon, or some obscenely powerful dragon concepts.
Biologic Prehistory: A fad was going 'round town about non-standard evolutionary histories.

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