Monday, August 19, 2019

Egg to Mud

Zedeck Siew recently made a post highlighting a flying egg, and it reminded me of a curiosity - I'd seen an egg of similar caliber (although maybe of higher spell level) in The Sunjata, an encounter between two handsome Hunters and the woman who becomes the Buffalo of Do - which I'd like to call "The Most D&D Thing To Ever Happen."

In the legend, the Hunters (one of which will become Sunjata's sire) are travelling through the land of Do. They have caught wind of this rampaging buffalo (in various versions sometimes called a specter, jinn, or a shade, perhaps more akin to a were-buffalo) that's going around killing people. They happenstance upon this old woman, and offer her some hospitality. It just so happens that this old woman transforms into this buffalo, and because of their generosity, she informs them how to kill her:

Excerpt came from one of the Mamadou Kouyate, English-translated-prose versions of the Sunjata.
(Transcribed by D.T. Niane, Translated by G.D. Pickett, ISBN: 1-4058-4942-8)

Magic eggs deserve more cred. This one's basically Earth to Mud in convenient transportable form!

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