Monday, November 18, 2019

What's in the Wizard's Pockets? (d100)

For use with Under Gallax Hall.

1Issue of The Waking Eye #1 - Student Cults
2Issue of The Waking Eye #2 - Custodians
3Issue of The Waking Eye #3 - The Committee
4Issue of The Waking Eye #4 - Faculty Cults
5Issue of The Waking Eye #5 - Mathematics Organizations
6Issue of The Waking Eye #6 - Memetic and Mimetic Plagues
7Issue of The Waking Eye #7 - Campus Rumors
8Wizard Porn - Like the firefighter's calendar, but they all have long beards and pointy hats. Headers: Enlarge, Magic Mouth, Rope Trick, Suggestion, Clone, etc.
9Stalker notes on notable Professor/Grad Student (schedule, possessions, who they talked to, etc.)
10Unlabeled White Powder (1d4): 1. Cocaine 2. Sodium Hydroxide 3. Hydrochloric Acid 4. Sugar
11Untracable Blackmail Note Addressed to (1d4): 1. Nearest Professor 2. Holder 3. The Reader 4. The Dean
12Unlabeled Clear Liquid (1d4): 1. Acid 2. Vodka 3. Anti-Psychotic Drug 4. Water
13Patent License (1d4): 1. Floating Disk 2. Secret Chest 3. Magic aura 4. Tiny Hut
14Bootleg Spell (1d4): 1. Ginny's Glitterbomb 2. Marvin's Moderately Collateral Missiles 3. Gyges' Great Devisualization 4. Cob's Crackhouse
151d4 Servings of Wizardnip
162d4 Wizard Teeth
17Chunk of Brain
18Dried Eyeball
19Lock of Hair
20Personal Hit List
21Someone Else's Hit List
22Fresh Tongue
23Trap! Extradimensional Leech in the Pocket
25Miniturized Spell Book
26Dust of Blinding (normal dust)
27Ninefolded Paper
28Unicorn Hoof
29Spare Face
30Property Deed to Condemned House
31Ticket to the Secret Policeman's Ball
32License to Kill (only good for a single murder), Signed By Wearer
33Animate Zombie Hand
34Cursed Hanky
35Wand of Glitterbomb
36Sixty Six Kernals of Corn
37Crumpled Note Bearing Eye-Pyramid
38Rat Familiar
39Shrunken head of twin
40Miniturized Pooch
41Pocketwatch Watch (a watch for your pocketwatch)
42Calculations for the Date of the Apocalypse
43Dried Ramen Noodles
442d6 Packets of ramen spice
45Juice box of brain fluid
46Wizard's Knife
472d4 Blackflame Candles
483d6 Greenflame Candles
49A Big Bloody Liver
50Phlegm-colored slug
51Stacks of business cards with salacious scribblings in the margins
52Compressed spare robes
53Splash goggles
544d4 Blood collection vials, 1d4 of them full
55Cipher Ring
56Bag of Live Crickets
57Mortuary Jar
58Thrice-chewed Chewing Gum
592d10 Broken Pencil Halves
60Invisible Ink Vial
61Miniature Chest, Trapped with Miniature Poison Needle
621d4 Quartz Crystals
63Angry, Bitey Homunculus
64Dust of Reappearance
65Chewed Children's Handball
661d4 Expensive Chalk Sticks
67Miniturized Pain Machine (a machine that solely feels pain)
682d6 Sticks of Cheap Incense
69Orange Peels
70Mimetic Plague scribbled on note: "Eat The Rich"
711d4 Handfuls of Gunpowder
72Human skin graft with eye tattoo
733d20 Fresh Severed Mouse Legs
74Mysterious Inert Slime
75Insect-derived Protein Block
76Bag of Peanuts
772d6 Unused Aromatic Teabags
78Thick Metal Drinking Straw
79Rusty Scalpel
80Sewing Scissors, Needles, Thread
811d4 Handfuls of Salt
82Untarnished Red Rose
83Mesmerizing Snowglobe
84Half-rotted Apple
85Blood-stained Napkins
86Personal Calendar with Today's Date Severely Underlined
87Broken Pocket Watch
88Cheap Pocket Watch
89Backwards-Ticking Pocket Watch
90An Unregistered Key
911d20 Spellgold
921d20 Spellgold
931d20 Spellgold
941d20 Spellgold
952d20 Spellgold
962d20 Spellgold
972d20 Spellgold
984d20 Spellgold
994d20 Spellgold
1004d20 Spellgold


  1. Is that an Angry,bitey homunculus in you pocket or are you just happy to see me?

    1. Things you never want to hear from a wizard: "You know... We don't have an HR department..."

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