Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Goldsoul Mines Feedback

I know I didn't get around to it at the time, but thanks to all the folk who provided feedback for me on Goldsoul Mines. Eventually we shall get an update for it. Currently, my home group is starting to enter the dungeon (which will have been the first time I've run it), so revisions will definitely wait until after they're through it.

To-Do List for Goldsoul Mines v1.1
  1. Add a microsummary at the beginning of the module to give people a clue about the weird shit on the encounter list. (Arnold K.)
  2. Replace the boring loot with interesting loot! (Arnold K.)
  3. Switch the font to something more readable. (David Perry) Recommended Roboto Condensed.
  4. Make a version of the map that won't drain all the ink out of my printer.
  5. Make a version without maps, so I only have to print off the printer-drainer once.
  6. Reduce the vertical spacing between bullet points.
  7. Reconsider bullet point order for some caves. When reading it myself I had difficulty parsing the information. Needs better flow.
  8. Add Supplementary Section. Includes optional material like: accompanying music, rules on branching alcoves within routes, etc.

If anyone has additional notes, put 'em in the comments. If you haven't seen the module, you can find it here.

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