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Wizard City GLOG Classes

At last, it has all come to this. I feel like I can now adapt the class and spellcasting system in the GLOG to Wizard City.

There are really only two templates you need to superimpose on whatever system you desire to make it work for Wizard City:

1) Gold = Spell Scrolls
2) Critical Save or Fumble Hit on Spell = Counterspell

That's it. That's all you need. Everything else is superficial. If you want to keep things simple, then you can substitute any Fighter class for Police, any Golem class for Mo-RONs, any Assassin class for Spellsharks, et cetera.

BUT! Doing so may lose some things in translation, hence I'm gonna make some GLOG classes for the Wizard City, since they're super-duper easy to make anyways.

Everything, that is, except the Wizard class. That's already covered by the GLOG itself and half a billion other fun blog posts. You wanna be a Chin Wizard? You go and be the best damn Chin Wizard you can be!

Anti-Magic Weapons and Tactics Officer 

You are a corrupt officer of the law, specializing in taking down wizards. While you have very little magical abilities of your own, your counterspell potential is very high, and police batons are kind of "magic" in their own special way, aren't they?

Every Template: Increase your Counterspell range by 1 (ex: with 3 templates, you'll Counterspell on a Save of 17-20, or an enemy attack of 1-4.)

Starting Equipment: Cudgel, Lighter, Chainmail
Random Starting Skill [d3]: 1 = Lawyer, 2 = Jailor,  3 = Strikebreaker

"Boo hoo hoo, what happened to your pew pew pew?"
A Brute Force, +1 Attack Stat
B +1 Attack/Round, More Brute Force
C Nerd Punch, Team Tracking
D Area Denial

Brute Force
You get +2 to Combat Maneuver Rolls.

More Brute Force
You get an additional +2 to Combat Maneuver Rolls.

Nerd Punch
Hitting a spellcaster causes 1d4 INT damage per hit, cumulatively. This damage goes away after 1 hour or Having Lunch.

Team Tracking
You may designate one person by touch for 1 minute. You know exactly where this person is for the duration, no matter the distance and whether you can see or hear them.

Area Denial
When you Counterspell an area-of-effect spell, the area changes to be centered on the caster.

Mobility Reconnaissance Operating Nerve 

You are a brain in a jar. It sucks. Everyone in Wizard City treats Mo-RONs with contempt (and nobody bothers with the correct pronunciation; "moron" is the colloquial term). Living is expensive, and you have virtually no opportunities for career advancement.

Once you get a Level in this class, there's no going back. You're stuck as a Brain in a Jar. But, at the very least you can now be a Brain in a Jar in a FREAKIN' ROBOT SQUID, YEAH!

Every Template: Gain an additional Chassis. Buy it, find it, design it, your/DM's choice. Every Chassis is basically a different GLOG animal/monster class without any 'Every Template' bonuses. It takes 8 hours to switch and integrate into a new Chassis. You store them in a safe place when you're not using them.

Chassis Examples:

Really Good Dog - Canine Chassis v1.1
Many Goblins - Remote Kindersuit Supreme
Butcher - KnifeX4 v0.67
Fungal Hive Colony - Unregistered Exosuit
Really Angry Goose - H.O.N.K.
Very Smug Cat - Jerkface Model 1.11857
Secret Unicorn - The Sissysuit
Really Big Spider - Mobile Reconnaissance Unit 2 (MRU2)
Robot Squid - Mobile Nerve Exosuit, Class: Kraken (MNEK)

Starting Equipment: 16oz Nerve Fluid*, 4oz Oil Can, Spider Chassis
Random Starting Skill [d3]: 1 = Janitor, 2 = Intern, 3 = Sage

By David Jernigan
A Brain In A Jar, Chassis 1
B Chassis 2
C Chassis 3
D Chassis 4, Magical Chassis

Brain In A Jar
You are a Brain In A Jar. You cannot take templates in other classes. You also can't heal normally, through rest and lunches. The only way you can heal is through repairing your chassis. Doing so will cost 5HP = 1sg. It also costs 5sg per month for maintenance to merely exist. Failure to get maintenance done will result in -1 maximum HP per week without maintenance. If you drop to 0 HP from this, your jar will break and cease to function, resulting in death.

Additionally, you take double damage from any Lightning or Electrical effects, and any Limbs you lose may be replaced at a cost of 10sg per limb.

Chassis 1
Your abilities depend on what kind of Chassis your brain is currently occupying. It is, in effect, 'your jar'. When you select your Chassis, pick another non-magic GLOG class, and gain the first Template abilities in that class, without the initial per-Template bonus.

Chassis 2
You gain the second Template abilities in your Chassis classes.

Chassis 3
You gain the third Template abilities in your Chassis classes.

Chassis 4
You gain the fourth and final Template ability in your Chassis classes.

Magical Chassis
As your fourth chassis, you may pick a wizard class. If you've chosen a wizard, you do not benefit from any boons or cantrips, but nor do you have any restrictions. You are, in effect, piloting a magical battery.

*Nerve Fluid is what your brain floats in, and serves as a minor healing potion for Mo-RONs but has three times the cost.


You are a loan shark for spells. And since spells are money anyway, I guess that just makes you a normal loan shark.

Every Template: Gain Level x 10 spellgold, from collecting debts. You also get +1 to Stealthy Business.

Starting Equipment: Switchblade, Leather Armor, Secret Coin Pouch
Random Starting Skill [d3]: 1 = Money Launderer, 2 = Forger, 3 = Accountant
You don't need to be an actual shark,
but who am I to tell you what to do?

A Spell Lending, Deep Pockets
B With Interest, +1 Magic Dice
C Spell Steal, Deeper Pockets, +1 Magic Dice
D Assimilate Cantrip,+1 Magic Dice

Spell Lending
You get 1 Magic Die; however, you can't use this on any spells. Instead, you may "loan" it out to another Wizard. They inherit the spell die, and may store and use it as normal. This spell die goes away from the wizard if the wizard uses it to cast a spell or if they normally regenerate their spell dice. This Magic Die regenerates as normal for the Spellshark, even if they've lent it out.

At any time after lending, you may recall this Magic Die, even if it's gone away or been used. You siphon off a Magic Die from the wizard, if they have any left. There is no limit to how many Wizards you can effect in this way. If you gain templates in another wizard class, Spell Lending dies may still not be used for spells.

There is no save for gifting this Magic Die to the wizard, but it does take an action and requires touch.

Deep Pockets
Gain 1 additional inventory slot and 1 additional quick inventory slot.

+1 Magic Dice
You obtain another Spell Die which can be used for Spell Lending.

With Interest
When you get your Magic Die back, you may automatically Counterspell the next spell that this Wizard casts, no matter how far in the future this may be.

Spell Steal
When you recall your Magic Die with Spell Lending, you also temporarily copy a Spell Slot that that Wizard had prepared, allowing you to cast a spell with your Magic Die.

Deeper Pockets
Any clothes that you are currently wearing, provided they have pockets, function as a Bag of Holding, providing an additional 4 inventory slots.

Assimilate Cantrip
When you recall any Magic Die given from Spell Lending, you may also now perform any Cantrips that this Wizard knows for 24 hours. This potentially gives you access to multiple Wizards' Cantrips.

Special Agent of the Bureau of Spatial and Temporal Matters

Every T-Man comes from the future. If you have templates in another class, your future self arrives to take over, telling you to go study with the Bureau for a couple of years, which you then proceed to do. T-Men work for the very confusing Bureau of Spatial and Temporal Matters, and since nobody really has any idea about what happens at the Bureau, there is in fact very little oversight. T-Men can more or less do whatever they want on the Bureau's time.

Every Template: +2 to Initiative

Starting Equipment: Tailored Suit, Sunglasses, Concealable Dart Gun
Random Starting Skill [d3]: 1 = Mathematician, 2 = Watchmaker, 3 = Future Job

Those with eyebrows need not apply.

A Gadget, Looming Paradox
B Gadget
C Gadget, Close the Loop
D Gadget

Looming Paradox
Becoming a T-Man is a risky business. You always have the possibility of a Paradox Archangle [sic] getting up in your face. If you die, you cause a Paradox, and an Archangle will show up and attempt to clean up the mess you've made by completely scrubbing your entire existence out of reality. You will have never existed, and reality will attempt to conform to your absence, retroactively justifying every event pertaining to your person without you.

You gain access to some of the Bureau's special-restricted tech. Choose from one of the options below each time you get this template. All X/Day functions reset at midnight exactly (and yes, this can be exploited.)

Bean Counter Box
Ask the Box a question about how many of a particular thing are located within a designated space that the box is touched against. The Box will answer correctly and literally. (e.g. "How many assholes are located in this abandoned apartment building?" "16!") Usable 2/Day.

Commute Cube
You designate a location by touching the box to it. This location must have either a: desk, hearth, or bar. You then use the box to teleport back to that location instantaneously. Usable once every hour.

((So, I can see already that you'd love to haul a portable office desk around with you everywhere so you can use this on a dime. I approve of this tactic. Better yet, make it a work desk palanquin.))

Rewind Watch
You can rewind yourself one round into the past. Usable 1/Day.

Hyperspace Adjacency Glove
Snapping your fingers allows you to be considered adjacent to the target pointed at for 2 rounds. This allows you to perform such tasks as talking, pickpocketing, or kung-fu kicking from great distances. Usable 2/Day. (WARNING: DO NOT POINT AT SUN OR ANY CELESTIAL BODY)

Pocket Book of Appointments
This special pocket book version of the Book of Appointments located in the Bureau lobby contains the names, dates, and times of all people you have met and will ever meet. It is very long and convoluted, and also difficult to reference (it is not organized linearly). There are three functions:
1) A perfect record of everyone you have ever met and where you met them.
2) The real names, place, and present time of anyone you're meeting right now.
3) The names, times, dates, and places of people you will meet in the future. In order for this to work, you must be actively seeking a meeting with such a person (note: not necessarily a specific person). Finding this out requires passing an INT check. Failure causes 1d4 Wisdom damage. If successful, you will know exactly where to go to find your next appointment, and failure to undertake the meeting results in Paradox.

It's more or less a tazer that makes people repeat actions. Always considered within the Quick-Draw inventory no matter where it's stored. Range of 30ft. Successful hit results in the target repeating the same action as last round. Usable 5/Day.

A small strange warping box which can temporarily kick you into the 4th dimension. When using, make an INT check. If successful, you get to choose what effect you have. On failure, you get a random one. Effects lasts for 3 Rounds unless instantaneous (such as teleporting).

1-5. Able to see and phase through all solid materials.
6-10. Gain an intimate knowledge of your immediate surroundings (revealing all secret doors, adjacent rooms, seeing through darkness).
11-15. Teleport up to 200ft, any direction, you can choose and see where you're going.
16-17. Feel sick to stomach.
18. Random safe teleport up to 1000ft.
19. Get stuck in a wall/floor. 25% chance of outright death. 50% chance of losing a limb (roll randomly). 25% chance of being lucky with no structural damage.
20. Teleport randomly to somewhere in the universe. 99% of outright death in space.

Close the Loop
When you die, your Time Loop becomes closed. When this happens your present self arrives back on the scene, free of any ailments you currently have, returned to whatever level and bodily state you were when you first took a template of T-Man.

Your future self, of course, will die having gone to the past to cause this mess here. Dying again as your present self will trigger another Paradox.

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