Tuesday, April 2, 2019

GLOG - Really Big Spider and Robot Squid

I needed to make these for the Mo-RON GLOG class. I'm shocked, SHOCKED! Nobody's made Really Big Spider or Robot Squid GLOG classes? What?!

Really Big Spider
Starting Equipment: Desiccated Body, A Few Pounds of Currently Digesting Innards.
Starting Skill [1d3]: 1 = Trap Spider, 2 = Web Spider, 3 = Jumping Spider

For Every Template: +1 HP, +1 to Stealthy Business

Not quite this big, but you get the idea.
(From Futurama)
A Spider, Wall Climbing
B Web Weaving, Web Attack
C Trap Making, Sensitive Hairs
D Venom

You're a really big spider. You don't have hands. Well... You almost do. You have eight claws. The only math you are familiar with is geometry. You can "talk" to other PCs based on familiarity. You can talk to other spiders. You have a bite that deals 1d6+STR damage.

Wall Climbing
You can climb up walls at will without a check (unless it's super difficult like greased walls), as constantly being under the Spider Climb spell.

Web Weaving
You may take 10 minutes to construct a sticky, near-invisible web, taking up a 10x10ft frame. You can produce this quantity no more than twice times per day.

Web Attack
When you hit an opponent in melee, you gunk up their business, causing a cumulative -1 to all their rolls.

Trap Making
You excel at digging and making camouflaged traps. You may take 20 minutes to construct concealment in a given soft-grounded area. This is functionally a covered 10ft pit trap.

Sensitive Hairs
Your sense of touch is finely acute. +2 on all checks regarding touch and investigating objects (even magic ones). Additionally, if you're within 50ft of all of your webs or traps, and it's conceivable that a line of web could run between you and said webs or traps, you can tell if anything is touching your webs or traps.

Finally, your venom has developed. You may choose to employ venom after a successful attack. Pick one of the following options:
A) Paralytic Venom - 1/Day a successful bite attack prompts a Save. On failure, the target is paralyzed for 1 Hour, and loses 2d4 Strength and Agility for 24 Hours.
B) Cytotoxic Venom - 3/Day your bite attacks deal an additional 1d6 poison damage.
C) Forgetfulness Venom - 2/Day your bite attacks cause Forgetfulness, causing the target to be incapable of repeating the same action two rounds in a row. Lasts 1 Hour.

Robot Squid
Starting Equipment: Oil Can, Small Fish Friend, Squid-To-Common Translation Guide
Starting Skill [1d3]: 1 = Calligrapher, 2 = Pit Fighter, 3 = Psychologist

For Every Template: +1 HP, +1 to Dexterity every 2 templates.

A Squid, Robot, 2 Tentacle Attacks
B Oil Slick, 3 Tentacle Attacks
C Invisibility, 4 Tentacle Attacks
D Laser Eyes, 5 Tentacle Attacks!

You are a squid. A robot squid! You don't have hands. You instead of four tentacles. You can "talk" to other PCs based on familiarity or by ink writing. You can swim at a speed of 30'

You are also a robot. Beep boop. Which means you're immune to poison, sleep, and any sympathy whatsoever. It also means you're immune to any healing magic or HP gained from Lunch. Only resting will recover HP.

Tentacle Attacks
You have a number of tentacle attacks based on how many templates of this class you have, starting with 2 attacks at A, ramping up to 5 attacks at D. Each tentacle attack deals 1d3 damage.

Oil Slick
Twice a day you can produce an oil slick covering a 10x10 ft patch of ground, or a 15x15x15 volume of liquid. Additionally, you may substitute one of your attacks with an oil spurt. If doing so, make a combat maneuver roll. If you succeed, the opponent is blinded until they spend one round cleaning out their eyes. (Only works if they have eyes). Usable 3/Day

You can turn yourself Invisible, provided you're in contact with some surface and you're not moving.

Laser Eyes
Pew pew! You have laser eyes! Twice per day you can shoot lasers with an effective range of 400ft at a single target in line of sight. Deals 2d6 damage, no save.


  1. Orb spiders recycle their webs by eating them -- it takes a lot of bioenergy to make a web! Maybe a chance of making another web each day if you're able to eat one?

    I, too, am immune to sympathy.

    1. I almost feel like Really Big Spider needs to be split up into like, four classes. There was so much spider stuff I could barely decide what to put in there: webs, traps, camouflage, signal-dancing, web eating, cannibalism, venom, parachute-webbing, jumping, spitting, fishing, mimicking, gliding.

    2. Yeah. There's a reason there are so many kinds of Spider, Giant, in the Monster Manual! New GLOG: The Spiderverse?

      Trying to get conversations going in comments now that G+ is really dead. Thanks for responding!

    3. I think a great community goal would be to pair up every Animal/Monster Class with its respective Wizard Class (i.e. Really Big Spider -> Spider Wizard; Really Good Dog - > Dog Wizard)

    4. When I was a kid, I had an issue of Zoo Books magazine all about spiders, and I had only seen Spider-Man in the "Electric Company" and maybe a couple episodes of that cartoon where he lives with Ice Man and that fire lady.

      So I liked to pretend to be A spider-man, but like, a specific one, like Wolf-Spider Man, or Orb-Weaver-Spider Man. I imagined there was a whole team of them.

  2. The Animal/Monster classes wouldn't view the Wizards as arrivistes? Posers? I have definitely gotten a sense of critical judgment when my dog has seen me pee outside.

    1. I imagine it would depend on the animal/wizard pairing. Like, maybe the dog is super judgmental, but the spider's extra chill.

    2. Let's be real though, the dog would be super excited about a wizard buddy. Spider would definitely want to eat their new friend.

  3. That's a lot of tentacle attacks! How much damage do you deal for each of them?

    1. Says right at the end of the Tentacle Attack entry: 1d3 damage each.

    2. Though I guess I might add "without modifiers". No STR bonus for you, robot squid!

  4. A campaign I'm running has been playing with random GLoG classes and the giant spider showed up! Because the PC's character was originally a level 0 child before becoming a PC, we decided that they had just hatched into a new form. Unfortunately, the giant spider child was turned to dust by a witch a session later.

    1. The sad fate of many spider brethren: to be squished.