Tuesday, March 26, 2019


It's reeeeeally easy making creepy necromancy spells. And there's already so many good ones out there. As such, I'm going to put in some effort to not make 100% of these completely ethically and grotesquely horrible.

Necromancy, Cantrip
Range: Touch
Saving Throw: None
Duration: 10 Minutes
Component: S, V

You damage your own hit points, as many as you choose until you fall unconscious, to bequeath the target temporary hit points of an equal amount that last 10 minutes. For every hit point you lose, your maximum HP is also reduced by the same amount. Doing so you may not go below 0 HP, but you can render yourself unconscious by going to 0 HP. This spell nullifies the resting process for the caster.

Your maximum HP is recovered at the end of a Long Rest.

Little Life
Necromancy, Level 1
Range: Touch
Saving Throw: Constitution
Duration: 1 Week / Save each Day
Component: S, V, M (a small creature)

You take a small animal - a sparrow, a mouse, a large beetle, etc. - and mold it in your hands. You turn it into a grafting organ, and place it inside someone's body, removing their original organ in the process. The small animal will serve as a makeshift organ for up to one week, before it will give out from the stress and a new one is required.

Each day the graftee must make a Constitution Save, on Failure the graft remains another day. On success, the graft fails.

Meat Men
Necromancy, Level 2
Range: Touch
Saving Throw: None
Duration: 1 Days
Component: S, V, M (meat)

You animate a bunch of little meat men from some meat. You get one meat man per HD of creature (0 HD creatures don't have enough meat). This little meat man is at your beck and call, and is capable of following simple commands.

Meat men aren't very good at fighting, but they are small, and have a particular strength. Each of them can sustain around 25 pounds of force. They're also great vectors for disease. By the duration's end, the Meat Men rot to the point of being useless. If salted or preserved in some way (spices work great!) their duration can be increased to 3 Days.

For each spell slot level upcasting this spell, double the number of meat men you make.

Soul Broth
Necromancy, Level 3
Range: Touch
Saving Throw: None
Casting Time: 15 Hours
Duration: 1 Day
Component: S, V, M (cooking pot, water, salt, veggies, fresh creature)

You make a hearty magical soup by boiling something very recently dead (or alive), separating some of its soul out into the broth. This broth may then be ingested later to heal and provide special effects. Treat the broth as a potion. ((Note: Creature must have soul for this to work. Ergo most constructs and possibly undead may not apply.))

For each HD of creature that went into the broth, it will heal 1d6 HP damage. If you cook it into a proper soup it will heal 1d8 HP damage per HD. You also get one of the following effects, chosen secretly by the DM:

- A secret that it took to the grave.
- The last thing it thought of.
- It's True Name
- The hinge of its existence (last driving motivation)

Magic Compost Jar
Necromancy, Level 4
Range: Touch
Saving Throw:
Casting Time: 5 Minutes
Duration: 1 Day
Component: S, V, M (body)

You compost a body over a week, visiting it once per day to cast the spell. At its conclusion, you collect the compost from the body and put it in a jar - the Magic Compost Jar.

When you spread this compost on any kind of plants (or anything else that eats compost), it will possess them for 1 Day. The spirit of the composted thing controls this plant, and it can uproot itself and walk around like a mobile little creature. If this plant is composted, the same spirit as the original compost will be preserved in the next compost.

Necromancy, Level 5
Range: Self
Saving Throw: Constitution
Duration: 1 Week / Save each Day
Component: S, V, M (fresh organs of choice)

On failed Save, you manage to graft a fresh organ of your choice onto your body. On a successful Save, the organs are rejected and will slowly poison you if not removed (poisoned condition). On failure, it grows and merges into your skin, acting as a redundant organ. These temporary organs last a week at most. Removing them causes no damage on a DC 15 Medicine check, or 1d4 damage per point of failure.

Example Organs:
Liver: Grants advantage on saves against poison and resistance to poison damage.
Eye: Gives you another functional eye. Great on the back of your head.
Skin: Heals up to 50 points of Fire damage.
Hand: Who doesn't want an extra hand?
Muscle: Gain 2 Strength
Fat: Grant yourself resistance to cold damage and survive without food a few more days.

"I'm sure this Graft spell will only be used responsibly!"

Eternal Battle
Necromancy, Level 6
Range: 120ft
Saving Throw: None
Duration: Length of Battle.
Component: S, V, M (a spear, which is thrown into the battle prior to it starting)

All combatants of the battle designated by the spear-thrower will fight, and then they will fight again. Once the battle has concluded, all combatants heal of all injuries, spell slots, and HP loss obtained during the battle - with exception to the spell slot used for this spell. All combatants have knowledge of what happened in the first battle.

(Note: Not recommended to have this spell if you do long drawn-out 5e combat. It needs to be reasonably short or else it'll feel like a slog.)

Soul Bomb
Necromancy, Level 7
Range: Self
Area: 50ft radius
Saving Throw: Dexterity
Duration: 24 Hours
Component: S, V, M (yourself)

This spell activates upon your death. You explode, in a shower of blood and gore and soul stuff, taking everyone around with you. Deals 20d10 necrotic damage in a 50ft radius centered on yourself. Half damage on save. Additionally, anything within the radius with 100HP or less must make a Constitution Save or die instantly.

If you explode in such a manner, you cannot be resurrected, reincarnated, brought back, or communicated with by any means. Your soul is obliterated.

Life Link
Necromancy, Level 8
Range: Touch
Saving Throw: Constitution
Duration: Permanent
Component: S, V

On failed save (may be voluntarily failed), the target and the caster become mortally linked. Their old lifespans are now disregarded, and their remaining years is now the average between the two of them. The target and caster now share an HP pool which is the total of their respective hit points.

If one should die, then so will the other. Other people may be added to the link. Only a Wish or Astral Scissors may undo a Life Link.

((Fun Application: An entire tribe has bound themselves up in this spell. They must continue to rise the birth rate or else they will all die simultaneously. The oldest is some 200 years old. They are all meticulously careful.))

Necromancy, Level 9
Range: Touch
Saving Throw: Charisma
Duration: Permanent
Component: S, V

On failed Save, the target's soul is destroyed and its body crumbles to nothing. The target cannot be resurrected, animated, or transported to another plane. It simply no longer exists. More than that, the target is erased from all memory from everything, and time-reality will warp around to ensure that the target never existed. The target is fully unmade in every sense.

If the target makes it Charisma Save, this spell will never work on them at any point in time, ever. Even if one were to travel back in time or phase to another parallel reality and try again it won't work. You only get one shot.


  1. Nice, especially the grafting spells!

  2. Soul Broth is some good, good stuff.

  3. I like your thinking! Obliviate is my first favorite - the worst damnatio memoriae. OK, Meat Men, too. OK, Little Life as well.

    Keep cooking!

    1. In my mind, the most exciting prospect of Meat Men is using them for shenanigans and then cooking up and eating them like gingerbread-steak men. It's food you don't need to carry!

  4. The cantrip needs some editing. Or does it drain all but one hit point automatically? If so, what high level wizard would want to use it?

    Not a fan of soul destroying spells, or at least those of non-epic levels. The destruction of one should leave a permanent stain in reality.

    The spell I like the most is Little Life, though it should have listed mechanical benefits. This is 5e after all.

    And Meat Men belong in Meatlandia (see Drivethru).

  5. Just wanted to let you know that this post inspired me to a couple of necromancy spells of my own. The PHB spells are so crude - death spells, curses and undead, ugh. Let's have more interesting necromancy! https://thethingswedoforxp.blogspot.com/2019/04/slightly-subtler-necromancy.html

    1. Indeed! Saw this a few days ago, keep up the good work!