Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Wizard City Bingo

Ye ask, and it shall be delivered! Wizard Bingo, on request.

For this, we'll be using

Link to the ready-made one here: Ready Made Bingo Card Generator. The input is a comma-separated word list. I'll include the list below.

Example Cards

Wizard City Bingo
Kidnap The DeanAcademic DebateVaporize!Steal Piece Of Saint4 Skulls
50 CatsEggUp/Down One DimensionCast 4th Level SpellDrugs
Take Out Student LoanPunch The CurselordFree Space
Sacrifice 2 InternsDice With Death
Kiss A WightThree Hundred QuillsSteal From BabyImpersonate ArchmageSummon Patent Police
Create ParadoxStart A RiotAcid!!!Publish Academic ArticleAnger Master Of Games
Wizard City Bingo
Kick A Mo-RONFlip Off SteeveEggPublish Academic ArticleBecome King/Queen
Punch The CurselordPet 1 Dog10 HandsSteal From BabyAnger Master Of Games
Steal Piece Of SaintImpersonate ArchmageFree Space
Start A RiotEat At Restaurant Tranquille
4 SkullsVaporize!Eat A Whole BookLose At Stock MarketGain 40 Pounds
Win At Stock MarketViolate Copyright LawDice With DeathKidnap The DeanThree Hundred Quills
Wizard City Bingo
Eat A Whole Book10 HandsStart A RiotCast 4th Level SpellAnger Master Of Games
Up/Down One DimensionOne Thousand SpoonsFlip Off SteeveGain Academic DegreeMake Eye Contact With Deer
Kiss A WightTake Out Student LoanFree Space
50 CatsImpersonate Archmage
Death RaceSell SoulHug T-ManViolate Copyright LawAcademic Debate
Summon Patent PolicePunch The CurselordSummon DemonSteal Piece Of SaintKick A Mo-RON
Wizard City Bingo
Three Hundred QuillsSteal From BabyAcid!!!Steal Piece Of SaintEat A Whole Book
Uncover Son Of SerpentAcquire Research GrantEat At Restaurant TranquilleMake Eye Contact With DeerSummon Demon
10 HandsHug T-ManFree Space
Pet 1 DogInvent New Spell
3 ZombiesTake Out Student LoanAcademic DebateImpersonate ArchmageEgg
Kiss A WightVaporize!Punch The CurselordBecome Sleeper Agent4 Skulls
Wizard City Bingo
Start A Riot3 ZombiesEggUp/Down One DimensionMake Eye Contact With Deer
Anger Master Of GamesInvent New SpellDeath RaceThree Hundred Quills4 Skulls
Steal Piece Of Saint27 LampshadesFree Space
Become Sleeper AgentAcquire Research Grant
Hug T-ManUncover Son Of SerpentWin At Stock MarketVaporize!Create Paradox
Take Out Student LoanDrugsSacrifice 2 Interns10 HandsAcademic Debate
Wizard City Bingo
Flip Off SteeveMake Eye Contact With DeerStart A RiotSell SoulDeath Race
Up/Down One Dimension3 ZombiesPublish Academic ArticleBecome Sleeper Agent50 Cats
Lose At Stock MarketSummon DemonFree Space
Take Out Student LoanUncover Son Of Serpent
One Thousand SpoonsKick A Mo-RONDrugsEat A Whole BookSacrifice 2 Interns
Three Hundred QuillsAcquire and Cast Bootleg SpellHug T-ManGraduateAnger Master Of Games

Raw Input:

Summon Demon, Steal From Baby, Sell Soul, Invent New Spell, Summon Patent Police, Kick A Mo-RON, Take Out Student Loan, Drugs, Violate Copyright Law, Death Race, 4 Skulls, Cast 4th Level Spell, Steal Piece Of Saint, Eat At Restaurant Tranquille, Punch The Curselord, Make Eye Contact With Deer, Gain 40 Pounds, Pet 1 Dog, Impersonate Archmage, Create Paradox, Make 1000 Spellgold, 10 Hands, Vaporize!, Anger Master Of Games, Dice With Death, Win At Stock Market, Lose At Stock Market, Flip Off Steeve, 3 Zombies, Acid!!!, Uncover Son Of Serpent, Become King/Queen, Egg, Acquire and Cast Bootleg Spell, 27 Lampshades, 50 Cats, One Thousand Spoons, Eat A Whole Book, Publish Academic Article, Up/Down One Dimension, Academic Debate, Start A Riot, Kiss A Wight, Acquire Research Grant, Gain Academic Degree, Three Hundred Quills, Hug T-Man, Kidnap The Dean, Become Sleeper Agent, Graduate, Sacrifice 2 Interns

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