Monday, December 10, 2018

Cowpie Mushrooms

I wrote a low fantasy adventure that isn't about crazy wizards!

For low level characters!

Inspired by real life events!*

About mushrooms that grow on cow shit!

It has cows and doggos in it!

Find it HERE

Public domain art, found here: (

There are no maps. I got lazy and didn't need them when I ran it for my home group on a rainy day. Hopefully you know what a dairy farm looks like.

I shall consider this, along with Goldsoul Mines, to be candidates for attempting some layout work on. But that shall have to wait until I'm done scrambling to write stuff before I need to run it over the holidays.

*The old guy who told me this story was quite high on mushrooms at the time. I'm not sure if this enhances or diminishes the credibility of his tale.


  1. This will fit perfectly to my current game, added it to my binder!

  2. "Those Cows Know Things" made my entire day. This whole thing did! The format is bloody excellent, more things should be made like this. Mushroom Effects #14, what exactly happens if the player doesn't keep talking?

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! Hopefully I'll polish it up a bit by trying out some layout work in the future.

      As per the entry, they get really loud about how stoned they are, which can be inconvenient in a sticky situation.

    2. Oh, duh, I can't read! That seems perfectly appropriate. Another option would be - have the player to their left suggest what the worst possible thing to say would be *before* the conversation starts...

  3. This is going straight in as a one-shot for players totally new to D&D. I really appreciate that you made an adventure that allows for humor but isn't totally gonzo. That nice tone, combined with usable design and clearly signposted player choices, really makes for an excellent intro module.

    1. Thanks Andrew! Couldn't help but throw in a bit of gonzo, though, with "Those Cows Know Things" alteration. It's the variation I had the most fun with.

  4. Great stuff! Thanks for making this available. Love your sense of humor...🤣