Sunday, September 15, 2019

Convention Signup Checklist

Based on my last few experiences at gaming conventions, I've made a checklist for myself: a variety of games I should try at a convention. At Gen Con, I made the mistake of only signing up for dungeon crawls, and despite them being pretty great, I definitely could have used some variety. So, with U-Con quickly approaching:

Before The Convention Starts, Sign Up For...

1. A Character Funnel

I have never played a character funnel that I didn't enjoy. I consider these the high point of one-shot play: silly, crazy, wonderful, unique, and condense. These will virtually always be DCC games.

2. A Dungeon Crawl

I made the mistake at Gen Con of playing several dungeon crawls back-to-back, but they were still all enjoyable, and I think one or maybe two of these in a weekend is the sweet spot.

3. A Spooky Game

Most of the time these will be Call of Cthulhu. It's a good idea to have one of these, for variety.

4. Game Run by Honored Guest, Creator, or Person You'd Like to Meet

These are pretty safe bets for some quality content, not least of which because they're games that have been run multiple times for many different audiences.

5. Game in a System You'd Like to Try But Haven't Played

Pretty self-explanatory. No better place to try out a new system than a convention!

6. Someone's Weird Homebrew

These are hard to find, due to usually being devoid of find-able tags, but they tend to be gems in the rough. If someone managed to convince an event coordinator at a convention to showcase their weird homebrew, then they've probably put a lot of effort into it.


And that's it! Six games is plenty for a weekend.

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