Monday, January 20, 2020

Goodberry Monthly Turns 2!

Happy anniversary, Goodberry Monthly! As of Monday, January 20th, you are officially two years old! I offer a reflection on those two years.

"Goodberry Monthly" was a weird choice name. This blog neither publishes on a monthly basis nor does it have much to do with Goodberries. Originally, this was the name of the campaign newsletter for my home campaign, in which I'd do in-character session summaries and articles on important aspects of the campaign world, written by a chronomancer from the future. When I was originally envisioning the blog, I made a list of potential names, then let my friends vote on it.

Some notable alternatives:
Were I remaking my blog again today, I'd definitely go with that last one. Or maybe Dragon Tea Party. Or City of True Time.

Anyway, thank you everyone for reading my blog! Have a quick list of goblin birthday parties:

1d12 Goblin Birthday Parties

1. They're playing pin the tail on the donkey. Actual tail. Actual donkey. Fatalities expected.
2. Layered mud pie with mud frosting and mud sauce. Mud on the side. Dynamite candle. Make your wish!
3. There were approximately 800 times more of you born this day than the biggest smartest goblin could count, so everyone is to give a tooth to the goblin on your left as a birthday gift.
4. Birthday stabs all around, hooray!
5. They're gonna bring out the old pigskin for a toss. It's not a ball, mind you, just a big floppy filthy skin.
6. Put away the stone of shame! Bring out the stone of celebration!
7. There shall be one designated minute of screams.
8. Today, we eat quality garbage!
9. Raid a farm. Steal a pig. Crown it Prince of Goblins. Profit.
10. Time to dig your birthday hole, here's a shovel.
11. There shall be a period of fasting, followed by a period of weeping, followed by a period of violence, followed by a period of dancing, followed by a period of weeping again, followed by a nap.
12. Let's inform the wizard of our celebration! He definitely won't set us on fire this time!


  1. happy words birthday
    time for one designated minute of screams

    1. But not one moment more, or else the GRUE will catch and eat us.

  2. Happy birthday! It's always a pleasure to read your updates.

  3. Happy Goodberry birthday! Always glad you're making good stuff to read!

  4. By the way, my regular group and I are going to start a GLOG campaign set in Wizard City this week.

    I'm nominally GM-ing, but I got them to agree that there will be no homework for any of us, and we'll all learn as we go together.

    So we'll be venturing under Gallax Hall pretty soon!

    1. Aaaaah! That's so cool! I did the exact same thing at a party about a month ago. I used Skerples' Rat on a Stick edition for my venture. The GLOG works really great with the setting, especially if you're going by the premise that everyone's a student, and that every GLOG level = 2 semesters of work.

      Shoot me a message, or comment on if you've got any questions.

    2. Hmm, thanks for the school year --> level advice.

      I'll definitely let you know how it goes.

    3. Also, print out a clock face and cut out some little clock hands to keep track of time with the rest of the table. Each PC for the game would have a watch on hand. Also lets them know that time and schedule is important.

  5. Congratulations - I hope to see more articles from you, as this is a very enjoyable blog.