Thursday, February 15, 2018

Three Giant Beasts

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Parachromatic Photophant

A beacon of barely-describable colors, as big as a house. A titanic quadruped radiating a dazzling rainbow of para-colors.

A vast majority of people forget most of the colors they see. Their brains can't handle the color of lost things, or the color of the welcome home, or thousands of other colors that exist in the margins of experience. Artists can remember a few, usually. 

The Parachromatic Photophant never forgets. It wears them as a cloak, draped over its lumbering body. The cloak began, long ago, as a matter of beauty and pride. Now it's a defense tactic to ward off hungry or jealous predators.

AC Leather  HD 6   HP 35  Int 13
Stomp 2d10
Parachromatic Burst - As action, may radiate light. Save vs. Magic/INT or roll 1d12:

Color Of:
1. Lost Things Found Again
2. A Home Welcome
3. The Perfect Inversion of Brown
4. Nostalgia
5. The Infinitesimal Border Between the Iris and the Pupil
6. The Cores of Stars
7. The Other Side of the Mirror
8. Nothing
9. Dying
10. First Seeing

1. Poison (or Death)
2. Exhaustion
3. Blinded
4. Charmed
5. Confusion
6. Slowed
7. Petrification
8. Sleep
9. Frightened
10. Frenzied

Hyperbolic Heightener

Two arched Autumn-spotted necks, each a hundred feet high, strained at their absolute evolutionary limits in a stressful hyperbola. They march about on four skinny telescopic legs, looming in the sky like long heavy kites.

Over thousands of years they grew to reach the tallest trees, but then the trees grew short. And the Heighteners were left alone in the sky. The birds wouldn't give them company. Most of them starved.

Those that didn't adapted with strange mechanism. Nobody knew the long-necked tree eaters could perform magic, or that they were so melancholic.

With long tired sighs the Heighteners cause those in their breath to grow vertically. They stretch upwards like someone click-dragging their form towards the sky, with mass retained but dimensions expanding. Each sigh causes the subject to double in height but maintain their width. The Heighteners will stop once they can get a proper look at the object or person of interest, or if the subject topples over from the imbalance (this is likely to happen long before the Heighteners can get a good look). In dangerous situations this is used as a defense mechanism.

What this typically means is that the Hyperbolic Heightener will never get a proper look at its fascinations. They're short-sighted by cruel chance. Hence the melancholy.

They're curious about colorful, shiny things: helmets, fancy hats, banners, polearms, cornucopias.

AC Leather  HDHP 24  Int 7
Telescopic Buck 1d8
Heightening Sigh - 10x30ft elipse on ground (cone from above), Save vs. Petrification/STR or double in height, Halve target's STR. Roll d20, if over STR on d20 then topple over. Toppled characters may only crawl.


A simple colossal beast with a habit of chewing things up, swallowing them whole, and then vomiting the reincarnated mess, fully formed.

Imagine a house-sized rooster with rows of spear-like teeth. Give it a polychromatic oily sheen and a crusty kind of skin with a rainbow of feathers. Give it muscular legs and branching spurs. It actually smells pleasant, like freshly churned soil.

If it kills something it'll swallow it whole, then a few minutes later keel over and regurgitate its reincarnation, covered in a placenta-like sac with salty-smelling goo. This reincarnation will have all of the memories of its past life, although perhaps not the capacity to understand or communicate them. Roll percentile dice to determine the % age of the reincarnation. I.E. a roll of 34 = reincarnation is 34% through its average life cycle.

Gear does not get returned. This the Reincarnasaur digests. 1 in 4 chance the Reincarnasaur will want to re-eat the reincarnated vomit, placenta and all. The process then repeats.

AC Chain  HD 7  HP 44
Crushing Bite 2d10

Reincarnating Gizzard - If the Reincarnasaur kills, victim is eaten and regurgitated in 2d6 minutes and becomes:
01-20: Same person, different age.
21-40: Different person, same race and sex. Reroll attributes.
41-60: Different person, random race and sex. Reroll attributes.
61-70: Animal, reasonably intelligent. Trainable. Bear, dog, horse, rat, parrot.
71-75: Non-Mammal, basic intelligence . Butterfly, lizard, fish, sparrow, frog.
76-80: Invertebrate. Worm, crustacean, insect, spider.
81-85: Is it alive? Jellyfish, coral, clam.
86-90: Plant. Tree, flower, shrubbery, algae.
91-92: Fungus. Mushroom, mold, fungi-person.
93-94: Monster. Land-shark, Parachromatic Photophant, basilisk, hydra.
95-96: Monstrous Humanoid. Orc, bugbear, troll, cyclops, medusa.
97-98: Undead. Skeleton, zombie, wight, revenant, lich.
99: Spirit. River, shrine, cave, wind.
100: Dragon.

While regurgitating the Reincarnasaur may move but cannot attack.

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