Monday, April 16, 2018

Goldsoul Mines - Part 1

For the Goldsoul Mines, Part 1, see here.

For a clear view of the map, see here.

For the long-winded introduction to this adventure, see here.

I've finished digitizing the first part of the Goldsoul Mines - The Domain of the Old Army. Designed for Veins of the Earth/Lamentations. Mid Level approximate.

Contains The West Entrance, and caves A1-A8. Enjoy! Part 2 to come next.

(Aware Errata: Entrances not labeled on map. B10 and B11 caves do not exist. The Outline doesn't quite get entries next to big headers.)
(I will get to fixing these once I have power again at my apartment.)


  1. This is definitely among the nicest looking Veins of the Earth maps I've seen.

    1. Thank you! In the introduction post you can find an Inkscape template that I used for it.