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Tidelock Dragonborn

Building on the idea that Dragons are more Real than everything else, Dragonborn in the Tidelock setting are the result of a dissemination of the verisimilitude of the Dragon into the less-real World.

They are the blessed-born scions of dragonslayers and Seekers of Destiny. They are inevitably questing individuals with agency unrivaled, with divine mandate. They carry the Dragon's legacy to regard no immunities, whether of gods or Else. And unlike most they have a Fate, a Doom, a Destiny.

For Dragonborn, Everything is written, but none know the writing.


Dragonborn have scales, horns, and all that jazz. In Tidelock they only come in gold and bronze, with rare exception. (And for the sake of my Players, who I know will be reading this, that shall remain a secret as to why.) Their appearances range from human-with-scales, to basically-bipedal-lizards. 

So, this:

Based on Silurians from Doctor Who

To this:
Dray, from Dark Sun

Each Dragonborn grows up innately knowing that they have some sort of Destiny. It starts out as a wanderlust and eventually evolves into a driven lifestyle. Many Dragonborn become settlers, fortune-seekers, conquerors, or other devoted professions. They tend to have big families, and be born into them.

They're born from human parents, and only human parents. For whatever cosmic reason, humans are the only recipients of the flesh-shed sacred realness of Dragons. Elves do not sire Dragonborn, nor do Dwarves or Halflings or Orcs or any other species. None alive know why. Perhaps in the ethereal corpse-skulls of the gods of Time and Knowledge there lies the secret, but no Mortal may delve there, and no Immortal would care.

When humans eat the flesh of Dragons, they will birth and sire Dragonborn. Not only them, but anyone in their entire extended family. Aunts, uncles, grandparents, sons and daughters, cousins, even second-removed cousins will have Dragonborn children (at varying chances, based on proximity). One meal of Dragonflesh can precipitate a dynasty.


Which makes Dragonflesh exceedingly valuable. But there's a catch: it must be fresh. Preserved or rotten Dragon flesh does nothing. It must still carry the lifeblood.

It is not uncommon, then, to see slayers of dragons, having toppled their colossal foe, to immediately cut open the dragon's belly, brave its fiery peritoneum, and feast upon the heart in its final autorhythmic beats. It is the most assured way for a mortal projection to acquire the verisimilitude of the Dragon. Any fresh blood-rich organ will do.

Kings and Queens will gladly stoop for such a purpose. Ambitious barons and baronesses will brave the dangers of dragon hunting for the chance of such a blessing. The greatest of rewards will be given for those who can capture a Dragon (or just its living heart/liver) and bring it back to civilization alive and still-beating.

Capturing Dragons, though, is a lot like trying to capture The Wind. It's not impossible, but something that can disbelieve away a cage requires a special kind of restraint.


Old-School Stats for Tidelock Dragonborn

Hit Dice: d6
Attacks: As Fighter
Saves: As Fighter
XP Progression: As Cleric

Special Abilities
Defy Immunity: Attacks from Dragonborn are always treated as if having the minimum magic weapon requirement.
Scaly Hide: Dragonborn have a minimum AC equal to Leather Armor.
Prophetic Redemption/Doom: When a Dragonborn dies, choose one of the following effects:
Bolster Ally: causes a nearby ally to be subject to the Cure Light Wounds spell, with Caster Level equal to Dragonborn level.
Hinder Enemy: causes nearby enemy to take damage, equal to Cure Light Wounds as above. No save.
Unshakable Destiny: Dragonborn are immune to Geas, Suggestion, and similar magical spells and effects that compel an objective.

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