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The Clocktower

The Clocktower is a landmark feature in Wizard City Hexcrawl, looming over the rest of the city, shifting expressions of laughter and contempt with its great metric face and arms of bronze.

Anywhere that one can see the sky one can also see the Clocktower. Its carillon bells ring tunes heralding the changing of work shifts and the coming and going of the weather. It is the clock that all other clocks refer to for accuracy, and being such puts it under the responsibility of the Bureau of Spatial and Temporal Matters.

Some rumor that the player at the carillon keyboard's heart 'dost not announce the weather but governs it', or that in fact some Archmage or Administrator hides secret tunnels running from The Hand to the tower's apex.

There are no doors or windows on the Clocktower until it reaches thirty stories high. Perhaps its entrance is underground, or hidden by some spell. Some suggest the carillon player simply levitates up to the windows, shrouded in fog, invisible, or shapeshifted into a pigeon. Even darker rumors suggest that the Clocktower is in constant temporal malaise, that the player had never left and is still playing the same tune since the tower's creation - that all the shifts in weather are but quick notes slowed down by the time flux.

Investigators of the Clocktower often return preternaturally aged and speak of a lifetime of adventures within the tower, lost to wandering time and space. For most, this is enough confirmation of the Bureau's jurisdiction within the Tower.


The weather and timekeeping in Wizard City follows a strict pattern.

Every Week is 10 Days.
Every Day is 10 Hours.
Every Hour is 100 Minutes.
Every Minute is a 100 Seconds.
1 Week = 10 Days = 100 Hours = 10,000 Minutes = 100,000 Seconds

1 Work Shift = 5 Hours

And every Day has distinct and dramatic weather patterns (see table below), that follow a sequential order. Mayday will follow Stormday will follow Sunday and so on. If you need to randomly know what day is it, roll a d10.

Wizard City Weather

Day Name
Weather Effects
Mechanical Effects
Sunny, bright. 
The Doom Sun radiates all.
Second mysterious sun arcs across the sky. While under its direct rays Save or suffer mutation. High Noon floods streets with mutant creatures big and small.
Lightning, rain, and plenty of it. Has a strong tendency for targeting the ironic. The wearing of hats tends to alleviate this, the larger and more silly the better.
That which is most ironically affected by rain or lightning must Save vs. Charisma or suffer the effects of a Lightning Bolt. Situational basis.
Pockets of high and low gravity throughout the city.
The next time someone rolls a ‘1’ on any die, a pocket of high gravity is found: double fall damage and disadvantage on all attacks. Next time someone rolls an ‘8’ on any die, a pocket of low gravity is found: no fall damage or spellcasting while floating.
Heat waves and toxic algae blooms. The air is stagnant and stinking.
Watery areas bloom with toxic algae. Breathing air by pools produces Save vs. Poison to avoid wretching for 1d10 Minutes. Completely submerging automatically fails Save.
A shroud of supernatural darkness covers the city. The recent dead emerge to stalk the dim corners and alleys - candles keep them at bay.*
The city is dark. All ethereal beings become visible and aggressive in said darkness. Strong and magical lights are targeted by the mutant undead for elimination.
Bounced cheques grace the skies like dancing cherry blossoms. They’re all complete garbage, except for the famous Lottery Cheque.
Streets filled with slippery bounced cheques. 1 in 6 chance on running through streets to slip and fall. Cheques also highly flammable - lighting on fire will set streets ablaze. Approximately 1/1,000,000 chance of finding genuine Lottery Cheque (Roll 1 on three consecutive d100s)
Air currents from the east bring the Saltsea down from the sky in big salty flakes.
Grounds become coated in salts. Exposed plantlife withers. Causes irritation on touch.
A dark black blood seeps up from the depths, forming cursed flammable pools at random throughout the city and river.
Any area has a 1 in 4 chance of containing a 25sq ft cursed oil slick - disturbing causes 2d4 1HD muck skeletons to emerge and drag any nearby into the pools to drown.
A low long chorus emerges from the waters - the whales perform their communal song to cleanse the city of its illnesses.
Any leftover weather effects from the past week are erased. Duration of all magical effects are halved for the day.
Day Before Sunday

*This includes many of the mutant creatures which spawn and die during Sunday. Muuuutaaaant Ghooooooosts!

(Yes, this is copy/pasted from my Weather-Locked post.)

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