Tuesday, March 17, 2020

The Unsigned Pawn Shop

The Unsigned Pawn Shop is just across the street from the Fire House, located by The Wish Well in Wizard City Hexcrawl.


The Fire Brigade keeps most of the good stuff they pilfer from burning buildings - money, valuables, spellbooks. For things they don't want, owners or relatives of the deceased have the opportunity to buy their things back at the pawn shop across the way.

The most prevalent category of goods at the Unsigned Pawn Shop are wizards' familiars: bound 'til ransom given. The Fire Brigade ends up 'rescuing' a lot of them, and, unable to put them to good use for themselves, make 'em decent hostages.

Plenty of wizards either die or can't pay the Pawn Shop to have them released, and their familiars end up accumulating shelf space.

Roll 2d12 for the Shop's inventory. For each entry you have two options for purchase (so, a total of 4 options). Inventory updates every month.

Familiars typically cost 3d6 x 10 spellgold
Everything else typically costs 2d6 x 10 spellgold

Item Category
This Thing...
Or This Thing...
Wizard’s Familiars
Animate Pound of Flesh Carved from a Wizard’s Bloated White Liver
A Mass of Tentacles That Was Probably Once an Eagle
Tiny Peryton That Eats The Hearts of Righteous Men In Tiny Little Bites
A Snake with Two Big Hairy Feet
Living Shadow of an Old Man Trapped by a Black Lamp’s Flame
Living Iron Rod That Pogo-Sticks Its Way Around, Loudly Clanking All The Way
Matchstick Doll Bard with Lute Accessory Who Annoyingly Sings Popular covers
Caged Wolfdog-Pomeranian That Hates and Bites Every Single Thing Ever
Raven That Only Speaks in Braille
Doll-sized Refrigerated Snowman Who’s Super Helpful Until They Melt and Die
Probably Cursed Objects
Taxidermied Horned Owl with Human Hands
Coin With a Winking Handsome Face That Literally Never Lands the Way You Want It
Small Snowglobe Depicting Miniature Orphanage With Real Orphans Inside
A Single Issue of a Newspaper That Predicts Doom for the Reader In Tomorrow’s Headlines That Always Come True, But Only Once Per Person
A Continually-Updating List of the Recently Dead From Everywhere
A wagon wheel which spontaneously catches fire when above 10 rpm
Wizard Stuff
Someone’s Half-Broken Magic Teeth
A Mold-Covered Brain
Collection of Used Glass Syringes and Needles
Gaseous “Plague in a Jar”
One Sexy Prosthetic Leg
Pulsating Spell Tumor
Jellyfish Hoop Skirt Which Electroshocks Any “Foreign Objects” Entering Underneath
Idol of a Giraffe That Turns Into a Spotted Staircase on Command

Gravity Falls

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