Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Amnesiac - GLOG

Amnesiac, Amnesiac

A thousand lives, a thousand deaths

Knows not where they are, or was

Zealous in another cause


Starting Skills: ???

Starting Equipment: Custom Tattoo (see below), Undergarments, Headache.

Every Template: Gain One Custom Tattoo

A: Amnesia, Slippery Mind, Starting Skill

B: Beginner's Luck, Spell Tattoo (1MD)

C: Quick Learner

D: What Are The Odds?, Spell Tattoo (2MD)


Custom Tattoo:

You may write a custom tattoo, containing one single image or a message containing 20 characters or less wherever you'd like on your body. This tattoo persists despite your condition.


Whenever you wake up from sleep, you will have lost virtually all of your memories. However, you maintain basic reading and writing comprehension of the most common language. You know basic facts about your biology (what and how to sleep, go to the bathroom, eat, etc.), and social interaction. Your personality is (largely) intact. As long as you DO NOT FALL ASLEEP you will retain all accumulated memories since your last visit to dreamland.

Slippery Mind:

Whenever you fall asleep and lose your memories, you also dispel any enchantments, GEAS's, magical boons, or curses effecting your person. This same effect erases any tattoos or other permanent writings on your person above the limit conveyed by the Tattoos granted by the Amnesiac's acquired templates.

Starting Skill:

The first time an NPC alludes to the Amnesiac about a particular skill they might possess, it becomes the Amnesiac's Starting Skill.

Beginner's Luck:

The Amnesiac is slightly more adept at trying new things, getting a +1 bonus to their first attempt at anything they haven't done before since they last lost their memories.

Spell Tattoo:

One of your Tattoos may contain a single use of one spell of one choice encountered during your last waking period. It takes one hour to scarify this tattoo into your flesh, and cannot be used until after you have slept (and lost your memories). It may be used once, with up to 1 MD per 2 Templates of Amnesiac you have (rounded down).

Quick Learner:

Have you done this before? It feels like you've done this before. Confidence is sometimes as good as experience. When doing something challenging that would not normally require super specialized expertise (such as operating basic machinery, dancing, intermediate algebra, mixing chemicals, cooking an omelet) the amnesiac has advantage on subsequent checks after the first attempt.

What Are The Odds?

There is a 1 in 4 chance that the Amnesiac can recall a skill requiring significant expertise if exposed to relevant materials (examples: googology, maritime property law, snake circulatory systems, quantum mechanics). All ability at this skill will be lost upon sleep, though it has a similar chance of being recalled during the next waking cycle. This 1 in 4 roll may only be attempted for any particular subject once per cycle.



Each Tattoo may convey one piece of information or idea. They can be words, messages, or images that convey meaning. Some Examples:


Tattoo Location

Message / Image



A Black Swan



Reverse Script: “Your Name is Morgan”


Inside Forearm

“When I Sleep, I Will Forget Everything”


Across Both Hands

“You Owe the Wrecker’s Union 6,000gp.”


Inner Thigh

“The Dragon’s Name is Calamus”


Back of Hand

“Hunt the White Rabbit.”


Inside of Hand

“My Name Is”


Left Wrist

“I Live. I Die. I Live Again.”


Right Wrist

A Treasure Map



“Never Trust a Wizard.”





Upper Back

“If You Remember Them, They Will Find You.”


Lower Back

“You Are Allergic to Shellfish”



“Red = Dead”



Pictogram to Assemble a Spear


Left Cheek

“Spring Break 2000”


Right Cheek

x = [-b ± √(b2 - 4ac)]/2a “


Under Lips

A Unicorn



“Don’t Forget”



“Don’t Touch Fire. It Hurts.”


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