Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Steam Tunnels + Bonus!

As I begin the mapping of Under Gallax Hall Level 2 - Steam Tunnels, I found this gem on Local Wiki.

Caption reads:
"As promised, a MAP of the STEAM TUNNELS under the University of Michigan ANN ARBOR.
Tell campus security you got it in P.P.U.!"
I really want to know what missing or incomplete information that "OOPS! Cont'd" is referring to, who was 'promised' this map and for what purpose, and what secrets this map's backside may contain.

The site itself contains some other fun tidbits, including:
  • Authors written up in the local newspaper for turning off the hot water in the University President's house from underneath it.
  • On the map, the scale is scribbled in the margins, as is the direction of North.
  • "It has been rumored that if you try to go into entrance 838, darts will totally shoot out of the walls at you, all Indiana Jones booby-trap style. Do not leave the illuminated area, or DPS will get you and press charges."
  • A guy called "Tunnel Bob" from the 1970s who led a group of 5-6 "adventuresome accomplices" called the "Elliot Expeditionary Force" through the tunnels.
  • The warning at the beginning of the article, which reads: "WARNING DANGER WARNING CITIZENS this article refers to activities and actions which may cause BODILY HARM and GRIEVOUS DANGER go carefully with CAUTION."

Also, I've just compiled all of Under Gallax Hall, Level 1 - Basement into a Googledoc.

You can find it here:


  1. I am "Tunnel Bob", Michigan '75, now 66 years old. Just a FYI that the picture in the Local Wiki article misidentifies me. I'm the guy in the back of the picture, not the guy on the left.

    1. Holy cow, no way! Can I contact you for an interview? Shoot me some contact info to murlockiller@gmail.com if you're interested.