Thursday, August 6, 2020

The Roost

Perched on the highest point in The Drain is a chapterhouse swarming with the thousand discerning eyes of toothed owls. Their gaze freezes the blood and paralyzes the legs, making it all the easier for some wolf-bird to glide in for the kill.

Home of the Omicron Delta Theta sorority - The Sisterhood of the Cell. Wizard City’s preeminent pre-med sorority provides its members with a place to pursue their biomancy studies without restraint or oversight. Troublemakers and failed experiments are tossed from the precipice, fed to the owls, or both.

Signature among these novo-strigiformes is the so-called owl-wolf, combining the pack instincts, teeth, and size of the wolf with the composure and stealth of the owl. These creatures often prey upon the small mutated critters of The Drain, but sometimes they go for larger meals at the behest of the Sisters. The genotype of the owl-wolf is relatively stable (much like that of the owlbear) and is resistant to mutations effects such as those of the Drain and the Sisters' experimentation.

Source - Yukai-Yukino-Yoji
Here we display three experimental ratios of owl to wolf. Respectively, 80:20, 50:50, and 25:75.

Read left to right or mix and match.
This Sister is developing...
But to complete it she needs...
The most adorable creature in existence by frankensteining together adorable animal babies.
Two of every animal baby! 
(One for the dry run, one for the real deal.)
A plague that makes people burst out in painful boils whenever they interrupt someone.
Newts. Why is it always newts? She’ll need a dozen damn newts!
Flight for opossums. Just imagine it! Flying opossums! Ahhh! Hissssssss!
Like, maybe… Three dozens wings. Doesn’t matter what they came from, just not from the owls.
Eyes for worms. Poor things deserve to see what they’re eating.
Eyes. Lots of ‘em. Tiny ones, especially. An indeterminate number. Like, maybe a bag? A bag of eyes would be great.
Bonelessness-inducing serum. Hilarious when applied to freshmen. Is it reversible?? AHAHA!
Test subjects! Care to advance the cause of biomancy?
Calculator mice - capable of moderate to challenging arithmetic.
One really good brain. Like, an amazing brain. An extraordinary brain. A genius brain.
A love potion. For who? Well, for the market of course! I’m going to be RICH!
Hearts. A few handfuls. Go over to Heart House and pluck a few from the walls.
A hyper-aggressive form of ant… That shoots lightning. Nothing could possibly go wrong with this idea, nope!
Some decent lightning rods. Like, BIG ones.
Cancer for cancer. Cancer squared. Tumors on your tumors. It’s like putting out a fire with an explosion… hypothetically.
Uhhh… Some tumors? A variety would be nice.
The ultimate sterilizer… Wait no it’s just acid.
A few gallons of fresh water and/or isopropyl alcohol. Guess which one’s harder to find?
A tuber that will grow ANYWHERE, not just in soil!
Fertilizer and soil, but not fertilizer *in* soil.
A breed of guardian animal, for purely defensive purposes of course.
Strong stock! Find two of the toughest meanest creatures you can find and bring them back here.
“Medicinal Honey”, which is to say: honey that’ll get you really freakin’ high.
Bees. She requires bees. Bees and drugs.
Domesticated mimics.
Some mimics, of course.
A wig that protects the wearer against spells and attacks.
Hair. Lots of it. Bags. Spools. Longer the better. Trimmings won’t do. Oh, and the scalps, too.
Random hybrids - let’s cross ‘em and cross ‘em again and see what sticks.
Some mutated creature samples. Plenty down in The Drain. The more mutated the better.
Wings! Beautiful beautiful wings! I shall blot out the Sun with my genius!
Wax and wings. Source not important. Two pounds of each should do.
What will eventually be known as Dick Rot. That’ll show those assholes at the Black Magic Fraternity!
Some strains of flesh-eating bacteria and/or flesh-consuming mold. Go jump in a dungeon for some.
Owls that reproduce by mitosis. More friends!
A few strains of ooze. At least three varieties. Back to the dungeon with thee!
Something BIG for the upcoming Bio Mass. Something that’ll change everything.
ONE myconid, ONE lobster, ONE gnome, and no questions asked...

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  1. This sister is developing "Medicinal Honey" that'll get you really freakin' high, but to complete it she needs a few handful of hearts that can be plucked from the Heart House. Does she need them to distill raw emotions from the beating organ? Or to disect the very last moments of the heart's original recipient? (As Morello Humoratus first postulated and everyone knows, EVERYTHING comes from the heart, even the heart itself).

    I love generators, specially if they provide opportunities for adventure like this one.

    Thanks for the post!