Monday, July 22, 2019

Under Gallax Hall 1-12

Just below the key name is listed the typical schedule for the room. E.G. for room # 1, Professor Sitch is typically in that room from the hours of 1 to 6. A Custodian is there from hours 6 to 7. From the hours of 7 to 1, the room is empty and the doors are locked.

Also, for timekeeping, note this school runs on metric time. There's no AM and PM. 10 Hours in a Day, 100 Minutes in an Hour.

1 Day = 10 Hours = 100 Turns = 1000 Minutes
1 Hour = 10 Turns
1 Turn = 10 Minutes

1 in 6 chance every 2 Turns, or on loud noise.

((Next post will describe wandering encounters/big personalities/classes held of the dungeon.))

A Custodian
Professor Sitch
1d4 Black Magic Brothers
Professor Sitch
1d4 Sisters of the Cell
1d3 Graduate Students
1d4 Undergraduate Students
Dr. Braum
1d4 Skeletons
Dr. Klaus
1d4 Skeletons
1d4 Undergraduate Students
Professor Kinsley
2d4 Undergraduate Students
Stone Statue
No Encounter, or 'Variable'*
No Encounter, or 'Variable'**
Father Ghost
* = If applicable, by circumstance
** = Fill this one up second. Two Variable encounters on this table max. If you get a third, then replace the first one.

Under Gallax Hall - Level 1 - Basement
Made on Gridmapper by Alex Schroeder

1. Professor Sitch's Office - B01
   1-6: Professor Sitch   |   6-7: Custodian   |   7-1: Empty, Locked

A rather boring dirty office. Administrative papers stacked high on every eligible surface. The most interesting thing is sadly the cactus. Lair of Professor Sitch (Level 4 Wizard).

SEARCH: When Sitch isn't around, he keeps his Retractable Meter Stick of Pain in the top drawer of his desk. This piece of wood inflicts pain on those it strikes (cumulative -1 to all rolls) for 1 Day.

TRAP: A small exploding barrel cactus that sits on his main desk. Any tampering with the desk drawers that contain the Retractable Meter Stick of Pain cause the barrel cactus to shower the room in needles - Save vs. Breath for half of 2d3 damage. On one or more '3's' hit, an eye is punctured by the needles, causing blindness in that eye.

Professor Sitch lives to glare at students through the narrow-blinded windows on his office doors and accost them at every opportunity. He will find an excuse to hit undergrads with his Meter Stick of Pain. If you want to enter his office (even to pass by to classrooms B03 or B05), he'll inflict his toll - a brief interrogation. If you want nothing to do with him and he spots you, he'll certainly try and accost you.

2. Gooey Classroom - B03
   10-1: Custodian   |   1-3: Random Class   |   3-5: Random Class   |   5-10: Empty

Typical classroom: a dozen chairs with desks facing teacher's desk on north side.

Frequently interrupted by thru-traffic of students trying to get to room 3 (B05), because most students would rather brave Professor Sitch and his pain stick than risk the ire of the Custodial Staff from the desks in Room 12 (B15).

Underside of each desk hides fist-sized gum-pink extra-adhesive sticky goo. Touching it then requires a successful Strength check to free oneself from its grasp. It can be removed and carried about with little effort.

3. Bloody Classroom - B05
   1-2: Custodian   |   2-4: Random Class   |   4-6: Torture 201   |   6-1: Empty, Bloody

A common lab bench stretching the length of the room, doubling as work desk and demonstration table for the Torture 201 class. Bloodstains on the table, and extra amounts of blood and other unfortunates flicked here and there from Hours 6 to 1 before the Custodian arrives.

4. Discarded Clothes Closet - B07

Bare, except for a pile of various clothes sitting in the middle of the closet. Most are student robes, some dirtied and some even bloodied.

A graduate student from the Torture Department comes here once a week (at random) to discard leftover clothes from 'research projects'. A Custodian come every 6th Day (Saturday, if you prefer) with a big bin at midnight (Hour 10) to take the clothes to the Shrine of the Clean God on Level 2.

5. 'The Bones Lounge' - B02
   10-1: Custodian   |   1-6: Empty   |   6-7: Tiffany   |    7-10: Empty

A neat and tidy study lounge with various small tables and comfy cushioned chairs. Oh, and a naked skeleton sitting in one at the back of the room - cheery-looking if ever there was one. His left hand resting on the arm of the chair is cupped as if holding a glass.

So called 'Mr. Bones' by the Black Magic Fraternity - a mascot of sorts that they treat with a rare endearment. If he's tampered with then the Frat is likely to find out, and each consecutive instance of tampering produces a cumulative 1 in 6 chance to add 5 Black Magic Frat Brothers to this room and to the wandering encounter list in the Variable slot when the next delve into Gallax Hall occurs.

SEARCH: Underneath the cushion Mr. Bones is sitting on are 2gp and an Unregistered Key.

SECRET: If a glass full of any liquor is placed in Mr. Bones left hand, he will animate, chugging down (and spilling all over) the liquid, before following this person around for 1 Day. He will obey commands, help out, and generally put himself at risk for the person; however, he will attempt to guzzle any alcohol, or anything mentioned to be alcohol, as soon as it becomes known.

SECRET: A stern-faced portrait (5gp on black market) of a long-dead donor named 'Allen West' on the southeast wall. His eyes appear to follow you about the room. Behind the portrait is a catch to pull open the sliding secret door to Room 6.

6. Secret Skeleton Hallway

Northern wall contains four progressively-getting-more-skeleton-y portraits of Allen West, the stern-faced long dead administrator whose portrait lies in Room 5. The last portrait merely shows a skeleton with a powdered wig on it.

7. Skeleton Lounge

Three animate skeletons (HP 3, 4, 5; HD 1; 1d4 Rake) sit in three lounge chairs against the northern, eastern, and southwestern walls. They will animate the attack anyone who touches the Brandy sitting on a central table.

TREASURE: "Widower's Touch" labeled Brady - 56gp. Sitting enticingly on the central table.

8. Restroom - B04
   1-2: Custodian   |   2-4: Empty   |   4-5: Random Grad Student   |   5-1: Empty

Two sinks, two toilet stalls. Nothing to dry your hands with. Graffiti across the stall doors in bed red letters: "BEWARE STILL WATER!". True to the warning, unless the toilets are flushed first there's a 25% chance for each toilet that it's got a hostile Sewer Ooze (HP 5; HD 1; 1d6 Acid Splash) resting in it.

9. Stacy's Lair - B09
2-3: Custodian   |    3-4: Empty   |   4-8: Stacy Devon   |   8-2: Empty, Locked

A handful of hand-me-down desks and chairs make a makeshift office for one mean Graduate Student. Stacy Devon, Practitioner of Pain. She wants to be alone, and will use lethal force to ensure that.

Stacy is a Level 3 Wizard with plenty of eyeshadow, a silent mean temper, and exactly zero patience for undergraduates. She has Sleep, Suggestion, and Flaming Sphere at her disposal. She also has a new spell she's developing called Temporary Eviscerate.

If anybody enters her room while she's in it, she's liable to ask who they are and what their role is at the university in as few words as possible. If they're an undergrad, and they're not at the behest of a professor, then she'll use Temporary Eviscerate to make them go away.

If she figures out anybody but the Custodians have been in her room, she will attempt to hunt them down and actually eviscerate them.

   Temporary Eviscerate: (Level 3 Wizard) Target must Save vs. Magic or have their viscera spill out of a new hole in their stomach. They will be completely nonfunctional during this time unless they pass two consecutive Constitution checks, making one check each Round. It hurts. A lot. After 10 Rounds the viscera schlorp right back where they should be and all is well.

TREASURE: Scattered about the room are 2d6 scroll iterations of her new spell Temporary Eviscerate. Each is worth about 10gp from material alone.
3 in 6 chance any scroll is a complete dud.
2 in 6 chance it's the Spell proper, or close enough that it's functionally the same.
1 in 6 chance that casting it permanently eviscerates the caster (resulting in death).

10. Sealed Classroom - B11

SECRET: The entrance door is plastered over to appear as the wall. Close inspection (and calling attention to the missing room number) will reveal this. It will take 1 Turn of chiseling away with tools (or a Knock spell) to open the door.

It is dark within. It smells like fresh construction.
Soft, pained moans come from the darkness.
Desks and chairs broken and splintered in dusty heaps. Human bones among them. Blood splatters on the walls. Claw marks on the inside of the sealed door.
A pale skinny humanoid hunkers in the corner away from any light. Tufts of blonde hair poke from a bloody scalp that stretches over its ghoulish face. A student became a monster.

Student: As Ghoul, but fears light. Paralyzing touch instead causes blindness and suffocation as scalp stretches to cover face.

SEARCH: A purse containing 254gp lies buried under some bones in the far corner.

If the entrance is left unsealed and the ghoul remains, it will eventually wander out into the halls, destroying light fixtures along the way. Add it to the 'Variable' entry in the Wandering Encounter list.

11. Horrible Chair Classroom - B13
3-4: Custodian   |   4-6: Random Class   |   6-3: Empty

The chairs in this semi-standard classroom have been designed to be as ergonomically maddening to sit in as possible, causing mild and lasting pain to those sitting in them. The chairs are a product of a longitudinal experiment from the Department of Torture. Sitting in any of them for 2 Turns (1/10th the duration of a typical class) prompts a Save vs. Petrification or obtain a random following effect for 2 Hours:

   1. Either leg falls totally asleep.
   2. Both legs fall asleep.
   3. Either arm falls totally asleep.
   4. Both arms fall asleep.
   5. Shoulder pain: -2 to arm-based Dex/Attack rolls.
   6. Constipation: -1 to all rolls
   7. Back pain: -2 to all rolls.
   8. Blindness

Sometimes, when it's quiet, you can hear the ghoul thumping its head against the southwestern walls.

12. Stacked Chair Abandoned Classroom - B15
4-5: Custodian   |   5-4: Empty

Bare clean classroom, untouched, save by Custodian hands. The floor is the cleanest you'll ever see. All the chairs and desks are stacked into three meticulous inverted pyramids as high as the ceiling - a single push would topple any of them.

TRAP: Careful non-stompy navigation of the room required, or the pyramids will topple one after the other. Each person in the room has a 2 in 6 chance of having a pyramid land towards them, prompting a Save vs. Breath roll or taking 2d4 damage from the crush of metal chairs and desks.

TRAP: If the pyramids should fall, a Custodian will instantly appear at one of the doors (equal chance for each door), and begin Cursing everyone in the room for meddling with their floor-cleaning work, before eventually beginning to meticulously re-stack the pyramids.