Friday, August 24, 2018

The Goldsoul Mines v1.0

After being incredibly lazy for about three weeks with posting for this blog, I've finished compiled version 1.0 of the Goldsoul Mines. This includes Parts 1 through 4 all in one document, some additional updates, as well as an Introduction and Supplementary Materials.

Link between the pics!

Mary Clough Gold Mine, NV. Pics from here

The Goldsoul Mines v1.0


So, now that you've read it, or at least glanced at it, I would greatly appreciate any criticisms or suggestions for how to improve the module. By no means feel obligated to answer every question, just the ones that really stick out to you.

Some things I'm particularly concerned with:

Is it written evocatively?
Is it written concisely?
Does it give you any inspiration?

How's the readability?
It is easy to find information you need?
What sort of notes would you need to make to actually run it?
Is it easy to understand the map?

Is the formatting tolerable? (I'm not a layout guy, so my bar's pretty low for this one.)
How desperately does this need art? Is it necessary, or do the words suffice?

What else would be useful or desired for this module?


  1. The only thing I would add is a microsummary in the beginning, or else embedded in the encounter table, since I didn't know what a lot of the things in the encounter table were (I didn't know there was a dracolich or worm wyverns until the very end.)

    Map is good, prose is fine, it's not too prolix.

    1. Hmm, like a "Quick DM's Guide to This Dungeon" sort of deal? I think I can manage that!

    2. Also, thank you kindly for the input!

  2. I've downloaded it as a PDF, and when I read (or run) it I'll come back and give you some feedback. At a glance it looks good; the map stands out as a cool thing.