Monday, January 7, 2019

Cowpie Mushrooms Gets a Bryce Review

Oh man, did I not expect this!

Cowpie Mushrooms gets Bryce Review

Now I better get working on that version two I mused about...

The adventure is free on the blog, right here: 

(Note: This picture does not declare my intention that I thought the review was cow shit.
The adventure is literally about cow shit.
Hence a picture of mushrooms on cow shit.)
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  1. Congratulations on your Tenfootpole review! I'm going to download your adventure in a minute. For version 2, can I suggest a free way to make nice maps?

    There are a few other free map-making apps that make OK results, but I like Alex Schroeder's the best. I usually save my maps as a png and then open 'em in MS Paint and mess around with them more, then save them as a jpg I can insert into the Word file of the adventure I'm writing, then I save the whole thing as a pdf.

    Your cow-butt cover page shows you know your way around public domain old engravings. You could dig up engravings of farms and farmhouses (preferably "free to use, share, modify, even commercially") and alter them in MS Paint or another program to draw arrows, add text, add compass roses, etc., so that they can help PCs who case the area to make heist plans. I love and with the best "free to use, etc." settings. Keep doing what you're doing and improving it and tinkering with it - I'm not alone in looking forward to seeing the next cool things you do! - Karel Macha, Coiled Sheets of Lead,

  2. OK, now I have downloaded and read it - It's fun! Succinct, evocative and you've taken the advice Bryce and others give about two-column layout to heart. The NPCs have fun, easy-to-imagine quirks. I like the typical things the senile farmer will say in his tiresome talks if he catches the PCs. The Sci-Fi/Weird and other variations at the end are nice. You strike the right light, humorous tone throughout.

    1. Solid advice, always on the lookout for more public domain art. And thank you, I'm glad you liked it!