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More Ancient Amino Foes

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GroES/GroEL, a Chaperone Protein, imaged in Rasmol: Source

Neckcracker Enzyme

Nature never intended them to be so ruthlessly efficient at separating cervical vertebrae. They were meant to remove toxic oxygen gas - a problem long circumvented. Unfortunately for us, the biological machinery meant to ensure its half-life is gone. Now they're just salty white seizure blobs that can snap exactly one kind of person's neck in an instant.

Typically found a half-dozen at a time.

AC Unarmored  HP 10  HD 2  Speed Half Std.
1d4 + Grapple

Construct Immunities - Technically not "alive".
Caustic Body - Strong toxic salts causes those who touch with bare skin to take 1d4 damage.
Freshwater Vulnerability - Deionized water or acid will contort the Neckcracker Enzyme into an "inactive state". One ration's worth should do.
Oxygen Eater - When a Neckcracker is in its "inactive state", it quickly consumes oxygen gas in its immediate proximity. Approximately 5'x5' in 1 minute.
Neck Crack - Successful grapple on target provokes Save vs. Paralyzation or death as protein finds the neck and performs instantaneous cervical dislocation.
Specificity - Each Neckcracker Enzyme attacks and pursues only one kind of individual. See table below.

What is this Neckcracker Enzyme Attuned To?
  1. Amputees
  2. The Emotionally Depressed
  3. Murderers
  4. Secret-Keepers
  5. Those with Facial Scars
  6. Those who Sired Children
  7. Actively Breathing People
  8. Those who Speak Elvish
  9. Anything with STR > 10
  10. Anything with WIS < 10
  11. Virgins
  12. Wizards
  13. Liars/Charlatans
  14. The Innocent
  15. Traitors
  16. Assassins
  17. Children
  18. Pets
  19. The Damned
  20. Beautiful People

Omni-Polymerase (Auto Polyps)

Little known fact: everything is a monomer, and merely is unaware of the fact.

Omni-Polymerases are practically indistinguishable from conglomerate rock formations, until a nearby heat source activates them. Once that occurs these basketball-sized proteins go about chomping on every little thing with its grotesque flailing jaws, polymerizing anything nearby. Reminiscent of Pac-Man with everything-cancer.

AC As Leather  HP 24  HD 5  Speed Normal
2d8 + Polymerize

Construct Immunities - Technically not "alive".
Heat Activated - Omni-Polymerases remain inactivated until heated, such as exposure to volcanic heat, torches, or magical fire. They may be handled safely in this form.
Polymerize - Save vs. Petrification or roll on the Polymerization Table below. Objects of similar composition become polymerized - attached to each other into a chain. Objects are glued at the molecular level, and cannot be separated without dealing damage to the object or host. 1d8 damage should do.

Polymerization Table
All objects affected by Polymerization become 'primed' to receive a similar object and add it to the chain. Merely touching another object attaches it. Another hit of Polymerization is required to 'prime' one tip of the chain again. There is no limit to how long the chain can get.

An object may be affected by multiple types of polymerization.
  1. Decapitation - gaping neck to gut.
  2. Self-autopolymerization - flesh begins to cross-link into itself, eventually compressing subject into fleshy sphere. 
  3. Hands to Heads - in head-patting gesture.
  4. Hands to hands - like stringed paper cutout stick figures.
  5. Arms to Legs - at perpendicular angles.
  6. Legs to Legs - up the seams, like 3-legged race position.
  7. Torso to torso inverted - like playing card royalty. Chain stacks in alpha helix.
  8. Feet to hands - soul to palm.
  9. Head to head, feet to feet - tops of heads and bottoms of feet to each other.
  10. Hands through Gut - sticks through, poking out backside.
  11. Treasure/Packs
  12. Magical Items
  13. Torchs/Flammable Items
  14. Armor
  15. Weapons
  16. Dreams - those in chain share dreams. Their bodies are polymerized in the dream state, like 1-10 above, random.
  17. Shadows
  18. Words - removeallspacesfromwords. If player can't act this, character doesn't talk, merely incomprehensibly mumbles.
  19. Brains - all subjects in chain become hivemind.
  20. Everything. Become 'sticky', fusing flesh to anything and everything touched.

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